Business Discussion Topics

    General Business Questions
  • What are the benefits of owning your own business versus working for someone else?
  • Is it more important to reinvest money into improving and growing the business or to maintain a high profit margin?
  • What businesses have long term staying power?
  • What's more important, good customer service or the quality of your product/service?
  • Would you rather sell many things at a lower price or fewer things at a higher price?
  • What company(s) do you admire and why?
  • What're the keys to running a successful business?
  • Why do so many businesses fail?
  • Is it better to enter into a business that has a lot of competition, where you know there's a big market or enter into a smaller market that is less competitive?
  • How important is it to have a business plan?
  • How much of an impact does technology have on businesses?
  • Is it better to start a business that addresses something that you're passionate about or see a big profit potential?
  • What are the most important things to look for when hiring an employee?

  • Questions to Ask if You're Going to Start a New Business
  • What kind of business do you want to start?
  • Where is your business going to be located?
  • How much money do you need to start up your business?
  • How will you finance your business?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice/invest into your business?
  • Would having a partner be benefit to you?
  • What skills and knowledge do I need to learn before opening your business?
  • Do you want to buy an existing business or start a brand new business?
  • Does your family and friends support your decision to go into business?
  • What is your competitive advantage going to be?
  • How will you market your business?
  • Who is my target customer?
  • What permits, certifications, and licenses do I need to get before opening up my own business?
  • Who will your competition be?
  • How many employees will I need?
  • How will you price your products or services?
  • What will your business name be?

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